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Welcome to Campus Mystery Shopping Service

We are a company that provides mystery shopping and calling services to clients throughout Canada and the U.S.

About Us

Campus Mystery Shopping Service is a shopping service that was established about 25 years ago by Paul Sullivan, its current manager. Campus audits the level of customer service provided by store workers at clients' locations. We also inspect commercial and residential properties managed by real estate firms.

Our Services

Do you wonder how your store workers are performing? Are they being evaluated on a regular basis? We will send our trained shoppers to your properties to find out. We will use a checklist that you provide to us for this evaluation (or create one for you). We will mix up the scheduling and who we send in so that the store workers are not expecting a visit. We offer local, regional and national programs. We offer weekly, monthly and quarterly visits. Anywhere in Canada and the U.S.


Campus Consulting Corp.

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